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Contract Negotiations Continue

There has not been much progress at the bargaining table. However, there are some important updates:

David Fleishman, long-time UFCW 21 Negotiator who was lead bargainer for the Rite Aid effort, has retired. The President of UFCW 21 has taken his place as the lead bargainer for this contract.

Management continues to propose that members leave the Sound Health & Wellness Trust and go with the proposed employer plan. The US Supreme Court ruling last week to uphold the Affordable Care Act should have a positive influence on everyone’s health insurance, and we are looking at the best options for members.

Our contract expired in September 2010. Bargaining has continued. By not agreeing to the employer proposals to take away health care coverage, workers have stayed on the SH&W Trust. Management has continued to slowly improve their proposals.

Our Bargaining Team will bring you any information as soon as it is available. If you have any questions, talk to a member of your Bargaining Team or call Andy Heyman, Union Representative at (206) 436-6540.


2012 Bargaining Team:
Andy Heyman, Union Representative, Sergiu Codreanu (Cashier), Sue Lubin (Cashier), Kris Delaney (Cashier)

Sample Information Request Letter to our Health Care Employers

Read It Here.

Health Care Survey on safe working conditions.



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